Animal-related activities

Involving r/sNA or biohazardous agents

Regulations and informational resources

For research involving animals that utilizes r/sNA or biohazardous agents, refer to regulations, and informational resources:

  • Federal regulations & resources
  • State regulations & resources
  • WSU administrative units
  • Journals
  • Organizations
  • Memoranda

WSU administrative support

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)
Ensures that all vertebrate animals involved in WSU teaching or research receive ethical and humane care and treatment. IACUC informational resources can help guide the work of principal investigators, animal managers, and students.

Office of the Campus Veterinarian
Overseeing all animal care and facilities at WSU. The laboratory animal care and use program complies with federal, state, and local guidelines for laboratory animal care.

Investigational new animal drugs

If you plan to utilize an investigative new animal drug (INAD) as part of your research, contact the director of the Office of Research Assurances. That office will work with the biosafety officer and/or the Office of the Campus Veterinarian to coordinate your communications with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Communicating with the FDA

The Office of Research Assurances manages communication with the FDA for the following purposes:

FDA guidances with regard to INADs

Refer to FDA documents for information on specific INAD-related issues.